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41. My Digital India! 11/7/2015
42. What Do You Know My Kid? 9/14/2015
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What Do You Know My Kid?

Dear kid, never have I seen you before
But my eyes are wet with tears now
You were born innocent
To be loved and to contribute
But what do you know about this world, my dear?
Man had created walls everywhere
Nationality, religions are their names.
These have divided the people
And even their minds forever!
Poisoned are these people's mind
They kill their brothers
Only for the reason, that he stands
On the other side of the wall
But what do you know about it, my dear?
Prophets were born here long before
To teach them love and peace
Sadly, ...

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Why I Hate You?

O, strawberry, I hate you!
Never could I stand your taste,
Even your flavour, and in all your forms
You are the worst fruit to me,
Though I know all health benefits you own.
And all those calories, vitamins and minerals
Still I find you horrible!
My taste buds gets pissed off,
Everytime I see you

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