41. The Frog 5/3/2007
42. The Light 4/10/2007
43. Life Is A Tragedy 5/2/2007
44. To Lord Ganesha 2/17/2007
45. My First Funny Poem 3/27/2007
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47. ' They'Ve Not Chosen Me' Said Saibaba 3/31/2007

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' They'Ve Not Chosen Me' Said Saibaba

Pleasantly surprised, standing in front of me was He
'Reckless as they are, they've not chosen me
Undoing their sins, I have inturn chosen them'
Declared Sai, the Lord of Shirdi, who is the real gem
'Endlessly my devotees gather, to have a glimpse of me
Not withstanding the rain or the sun, they prostrate before me
Courage, bravery they attain, uttering my holy name
Eternally I protect them as a part of my divine game.'

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The Indian Dancer

Passionate bosoms aflaming with fire
Ravishingly keen music, cleaving thoughts of desire
Unleashing his whip, swaying like the blossoms in shower
Dancing in ecstacy like a current in a live wire
Exquisitely, rhythmically, his feet do not tire
Now singing, now faltering, the songs of satire
Celestially panting in his typical attire
Enchants one, who wishes to retire

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