Njuguna PM.

Freshman - 574 Points [Fate McFate] (03/12/1991 / eldoret)

Njuguna PM. Poems

121. Tomorrow 3/25/2012
122. The Promise Of Love 3/25/2012
123. Morning Love 6/24/2013
124. Waters Of An Oasis 4/14/2012
125. A Home 2/19/2012
126. I Promise 12/16/2013
127. Take It All 8/13/2016
128. Still 11/28/2015
129. My Letter To The Gods 12/1/2015
130. To Our Fallen Soldiers 11/25/2016
131. Mom Said 'Remember Them' 5/5/2012
132. Round In Square 1/30/2012
133. Dear She, 8/22/2013
134. Send This Out 4/11/2012
135. Goodbye Brother 10/16/2011
136. At The Shore 3/4/2012
Best Poem of Njuguna PM.

At The Shore

With joy and gladness shall we meet
at end of race at the shore
with crowns of victory
for a good fight fought.

We'll enter a new world
of honey and milk and manna
a place of glory and peace.

So shall we sing halleluyah!
A song of saints and angels
as we fly on our wings
at the sound of the trumpets.

Oh! Halleluyah!
That day shall come.

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Am In Love

What! in a world of loneliness,
pain, shame, dark and uselessness,
fraud, dismare, tears, hopelessness,
not again, am in love

sun's risen, light out as bough,
and love's come to have me through,
a disguised complete gentleman though,
am in love

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