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Well, there isn't much to tell about me. I am just a teenager going through regular teenage problems and more. I live with my mom, who is a single parent. She has raised 4 of us on her own and I admire her for that. She is part of the reason I write. When she comes home from work and has a bad day, I am usually the one that gets it taken out on and I feel like I am the reason for her problems. I go in my room and sit or lay down on my bed and think about how much I wish that I was my godmother's child. She is the other reason I write. She supports me through everything and when I talk to her I feel like a person that is loved. Deep down I feel like if I were to die, or when I am to die, she is the only one that would care and the only one to mourn. That is basically the true story behind Gabrielle Abrams. Not many teenagers talk about there feelings so I feel like when I cant talk to my godmother or get in touch with her for some reason, my therapist is paper, pencil, and tears. Updates

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Why didn’t he want me?
Why has he put me through so much torture?
If he were here with me, maybe things would be normal
My siblings knew there male role models, so why must I be in the dark about mines
They all get the love they deserve
It’s my fault
I am the problem
I was too skinny or too fat, too tall or too short, too black or too white
Maybe if he loved me my mom would love me too

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