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Poison 9901 07 October 2007

Angela is truly one of a kind. One of the most real persons in the way she writes and what she writes of, she is compassionate and careing for those whom she cares for and touches in her life everyday. Wheather it be thru a visit in the E.R. or thru the eyes of the poet for which she has became. She is very sincer in her writings and her thoughts are only of others well being, For this I bow before her. For she is truly a Angel, , , a Thanks for all you've shared with us thus far. 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison

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Max Reif 18 September 2007

Though I've only made my way through the 1st page of the 5 pages (as of mid Sept, '07) of Angela's poems, I felt a real breath of fresh air coming my way as I read them. Evidence of this is the fact that I've been moved to make this comment. (Haven't been inspired to make a General comment like this on a poet's page, for several months.) I am touched by the trustworthiness and the integrity of Angela's voice as I read her poems. I appreciate having her as a guide, particularly as she takes me into the world of sickness and health, of life and death, via her poetic forays into the world of nursing and medicine, where she works. Thank you, Angela!

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Gaurav Silwal 16 September 2007

I did like the quote kept in your biography part, and I am thinking over it tc Gaurav

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Goldy Locks 12 September 2007

She's got a style all her own... Precise, tight. Breathing new life into the poetry circles! ! ! Welcome & applaud you. keep on -~- sjg

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Laughs the happy April morn
Thro' my grimy, little window,
And a shaft of sunshine pushes
Thro' the shadows in the square.

Dogs are tracing thro' the grass,
Crows are cawing round the chimneys,
In and out among the washing
Goes the West at hide-and-seek.

Loud and cheerful clangs the bell.
Here the nurses troop to breakfast.
Handsome, ugly, all are women . . .
O, the Spring-the Spring-the Spring!

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