No Reason To Care

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Theres not Much You Need To Know About Me

There's A Reason For Closed Doors, So You Can't See What's Behind Them. What Happens When You Nudge At It, And It Opens? Do You Go In And Find Out What's Not Supposed To Be Known Or Do You Close The Door And Walk Away, And Let The Opportunity Pass By......There's A Question To Everything And Only A Few Answers Are Said, So We Try Look At Life As A Problem, One That's Just Waiting To Be Solved...But This Equation Doesn't Have An Answer, So You Just Have To Guess And Hope... That It's Right, Knowing Only A Few Answers Will Be Right And Most Of Them Wrong, Because Life's A test One That Nobody Studied For.

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Silence In My Heart

silence in my heart
it beats no more
but it's something that I will forever indoor
indoor the pain of all these lies
that you thrust upon me in open skies
sky's so dark and filled with hate
no longer will I meet my fate
for I have been dead for many years
my body filled with dust and tears

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