No Reason To Care

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No Reason To Care Poems

81. In The End I'Ts Just Me & You 6/10/2009
82. Summer Break Ends In Heart Ache 6/10/2009
83. Just A Bloody Rhyme 6/12/2009
84. I Keep On Rhyming 6/17/2009
85. Candle Of Life Has Died 6/18/2009
86. Triple Homicide 6/19/2009
87. You Wanted Sex 6/17/2009
88. Die The Way I Lived 6/25/2009
89. A Grey World 6/25/2009
90. Love Is 6/25/2009
91. Body I Occupy 6/25/2009
92. If There Was A Place To Hide 6/25/2009
93. Daddy's Girl 6/25/2009
94. Suffer In Silence 6/25/2009
95. Unbreakable 6/25/2009
96. I Have To Know 6/25/2009
97. Can'T Decide 6/25/2009
98. Break My Heart 6/25/2009
99. I Give Dark Meaning 7/1/2009
100. Your Love Comes With A Price 7/2/2009
101. Moms Everywhere 7/2/2009
102. I Don'T Know 7/2/2009
103. Do What It Takes 7/2/2009
104. No Reason To Care 7/13/2009
105. Do I Live...Or Die? 7/20/2009
106. Suicide...The Final Choice 7/20/2009
107. End Of My Rope 7/23/2009
108. My Brother's Love Is Fake 7/24/2009
109. I Have To Forfeit This Race 8/5/2009
110. A Deadly Kiss 8/5/2009
111. We Agree On Each Other 8/6/2009
112. The Cycle Always Repeats 8/6/2009
113. The Song Of Sin 8/6/2009
114. There Is Little Difference Between God And Satan 8/20/2009
115. Dark Path 8/20/2009
116. I Was Dead Before The First Word Was Said 8/20/2009
117. Love Is Unfamiliar 8/20/2009
118. When All You Can Do Is Quit 8/20/2009
119. Trouble 8/20/2009
120. Don'T Continue This Love 8/20/2009

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All He Want's From Her, Is Sex Sex Sex

my friend has a new guy
he's evil in my eye
it's only been about two weeks
and already her body reeks

it smells of him and his cigarettes
he said 'don't look back
there will be no regrets'

but all he wanted was
they hardly ever talk
they just text

but he carries an item with him
use and create sin

because to him she's just a toy
to give away when her tricks get old
leave her alone scared and cold
but he doesn't care because he's a 15 year old boy

and all he wants from her is
sex ...

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I was angry with a friend
I took my wrath and my wrath did end
I was angry with a foe
I took my wrath and my wrath did grow
I found anger in my fears,
and tried to hide them in my tears
I found anger in the night
I took my wrath with much delight
I found anger in the day

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