No Reason To Care

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No Reason To Care Poems

161. You Say 'I Love You' But Your Full Of Shit! ! ! ! 7/13/2009
162. I Need You 8/20/2009
163. Suicide Is My Only Hope 8/5/2009
164. Alone Again 6/25/2009
165. Can'T Trust Anyone 6/25/2009
166. In The Real World Life Is Tuff 6/12/2009
167. A Fools Paradise 5/27/2009
168. Sick Of Crying 6/3/2009
169. ~stand By Your Side~ 5/17/2009
170. ~the Next Generation~ 5/18/2009
171. Let Him Fly Away 5/10/2009
172. It's Your Fault 4/24/2009
173. You Confuse Me 4/11/2009
174. Forget 4/18/2009
175. Everything Changed 4/9/2009
176. Angry 4/6/2009
177. Burning Fire 4/9/2009
178. I Am Me 4/21/2009
179. Why Do I Try? 4/26/2009
180. Silence Dripping Liquid Dreams 6/25/2009
181. A Wish To Be Dead 10/14/2009
182. I Should Have Known This Love Would Die 9/17/2009
183. Why Do I Have To Remember? 4/22/2009
184. Her First Time Having Sex 6/17/2009
185. Always Be Alone 6/25/2009
186. I Hold A Heart 4/9/2009
187. My Heart Was Broken 4/9/2009
188. Our Fate... 4/19/2009
189. I Run 4/18/2009
190. A Nice Normal Familly.....Not 4/12/2009
191. Disappointed 4/12/2009
192. A Talking Cat? 6/3/2009
193. I'M A Shadow In The Dark 7/1/2009
194. Silent Death 7/2/2009
195. People Hide Behind A Mask 10/7/2009
196. Cutting My Soul 10/14/2009
197. Why Why Why? 4/18/2009
198. ....Your...Lies... 4/14/2009
199. I'M Staying Me! ! ! ! ! ! ! 7/8/2009
200. Break Her Heart 4/6/2009

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All He Want's From Her, Is Sex Sex Sex

my friend has a new guy
he's evil in my eye
it's only been about two weeks
and already her body reeks

it smells of him and his cigarettes
he said 'don't look back
there will be no regrets'

but all he wanted was
they hardly ever talk
they just text

but he carries an item with him
use and create sin

because to him she's just a toy
to give away when her tricks get old
leave her alone scared and cold
but he doesn't care because he's a 15 year old boy

and all he wants from her is
sex ...

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The Darkness Ate The Day

I left the light behind and the darkness ate the day,
I stay in the shadows of the night with little regret to say,
The dark is warm like a subtle flame, even the light was never the same
I should be ashamed to say this aloud, but it's easier to say how I am proud
Proud to let the light stay away, proud that the darkness ate the day
For there is little light to fight back, a world that's nothing but black
Black sun, black moon, black night, black day, all the world's that's black will st

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