No Reason To Care

Rookie (9/4/94 / Somewhere)

No Reason To Care Poems

201. Let Him Fly Away 5/10/2009
202. It's Your Fault 4/24/2009
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213. Silence Dripping Liquid Dreams 6/25/2009
214. A Wish To Be Dead 10/14/2009
215. Lifesong 8/5/2009
216. I Should Have Known This Love Would Die 9/17/2009
217. Why Do I Have To Remember? 4/22/2009
218. _i'M Living In Hell_ 5/2/2009
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226. *****i Wish I Could Love You***** 10/13/2009
227. `i Hope` 4/26/2009
228. ~be Who You Want~ 5/18/2009
229. Why Why Why? 4/18/2009
230. First Time Having Sex 6/11/2010
231. All He Want's From Her, Is Sex Sex Sex 6/12/2009
Best Poem of No Reason To Care

All He Want's From Her, Is Sex Sex Sex

my friend has a new guy
he's evil in my eye
it's only been about two weeks
and already her body reeks

it smells of him and his cigarettes
he said 'don't look back
there will be no regrets'

but all he wanted was
they hardly ever talk
they just text

but he carries an item with him
use and create sin

because to him she's just a toy
to give away when her tricks get old
leave her alone scared and cold
but he doesn't care because he's a 15 year old boy

and all he wants from her is
sex ...

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Break Her Heart

I told her you'd leave breaking her heart
But she just said 'no we shall never part! '
As she walked away and left behind her dread
I secretly wished that you were dead
And had never come into her life
Making me feel pains just like the blade of a knife
I told her you'd leave without saying good bye
But she just saw it as a lie.
I sat back and watched as you destroyed her life

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