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41. A Brave Little Craft 12/9/2012
42. Forever It Lasts 12/9/2012
43. Locked Behind Walls 12/9/2012
44. Riding The Waves (Ramblings) 12/9/2012
45. I Say Thank You 12/10/2012
46. Joy 12/10/2012
47. This Moment In Time 12/10/2012
48. My Heart Is A Fragile Thing 12/10/2012
49. Thank You God For This Day 12/10/2012
50. The Unquiet Mind 12/10/2012
51. The Blending Of The Days 12/10/2012
52. Because It Is Back 12/10/2012
53. I'Ve Fought It Before, I'Ll Fight It Again 12/10/2012
54. From My Soul To Yours 12/10/2012
55. The Eyes In The Mirror 12/9/2012
56. Memories Of You 12/10/2012
57. Take Me Away, Way Over The Moon 12/10/2012
58. To My Best Friend 12/8/2012
59. The End 12/8/2012
60. Word Games 12/8/2012
61. The Rain 12/10/2012
62. I Know That You Can Do It Lord 12/10/2012
63. Above The Mountains I Soar 12/10/2012
64. I Wish We Could Be Friends 12/10/2012
65. Awesome Is The Power Of The Word 12/10/2012
66. Then My Thoughts No Longer Will Reel 12/10/2012
67. Rage 12/10/2012
68. Normalcy 12/10/2012
69. I Sing A Good Song 12/10/2012
70. Meds, Meds, Ever More Meds 12/10/2012
71. I Once Was Sane 12/10/2012
72. I Willingly Take On What Is My Due 12/10/2012
73. Through A Glass Darkly 12/10/2012
74. Yes I'M Tired Of This 12/10/2012
75. The Rain (Reprise) 12/10/2012
76. Negativity Is What I Am Called 12/10/2012
77. The Black Ring 12/10/2012
78. When My Hearts Stops It's Beating At Last 12/10/2012
79. Homeless Birds 12/10/2012
80. The Dice Are Cast 12/10/2012
Best Poem of Noah Body

In A Land Of Darkness Am I Lost

In a land of black darkness am I lost
I want out of this land no matter the cost

I'm tired of tears burning down my face
Of the thoughts setting my heart to race

Thoughts of death, of peace at last
It's set in stone, the die is cast

The emptiness that eats me alive
Is buried way down deep inside

It sucks up my soul and spits it out
The pain of it makes me shout

On the wind my cries are blown
No one to hear, away they've flown

Still in my head the echoes ring
But of love and joy I'll never sing

For no heart is inside of ...

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Have You Ever?

Have you ever needed to call out
To the world 'Help me please'?
Only to know that it's not
something you do with ease

Have you ever looked in the mirror
And seen a stranger staring back?
The face looks familiar
But your soul the eyes do lack

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