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Noah Body Poems

241. Wander The Silvery Magical Ethereal Way 3/22/2015
242. The Path, The Promise 4/3/2015
243. The Eternal Battle 4/4/2015
244. With A Roar And A Cry 4/4/2015
245. Forever Memories 4/5/2015
246. The Beast 4/14/2015
247. Weeping Heavens - A Quinzane 4/20/2015
248. A Brief Respite Outside Of Time 4/26/2015
249. Whispers Of Madness 4/27/2015
250. Anachronism 4/27/2015
251. I Speak In Code 5/11/2015
252. After The Rain The Storm Is Spent 5/14/2015
253. The Fog 5/17/2015
254. The Fog - Haiku 5/17/2015
255. The Fool 6/12/2015
256. Self Pity 6/12/2015
257. At The End There Is Peace 6/13/2015
258. The Angel Of Death Visits 6/14/2015
259. If Just One Can Look Back And Know 6/14/2015
260. Rain 6/21/2015
261. The Question That I Ask 6/22/2015
262. Depression 6/22/2015
263. Condemnation (Haiku) 6/22/2015
264. Eternal Rest And Peace 6/22/2015
265. How To... 6/26/2015
266. Madness Spinning All Around 7/1/2015
267. Nocturnal 7/16/2015
268. A Humorous Little Ditty 7/22/2015
269. The Tides Of Time 7/30/2015
270. Start A New Life 9/11/2015
271. Lost Among The Stars 9/12/2015
272. Alone In The Room Of Gloom 9/19/2015
273. I Hide My Tears When I Hear Your Name 9/20/2015
274. A Dark And Gloomy Room 9/26/2015
275. Through A Raindrop Filtered 5/21/2015
276. The Paths We Tread 5/22/2015
277. What To Do When You Just Can'T Do It Again? 6/2/2015
278. There Is No One To See 6/3/2015
279. My Wife, My Best Friend 11/9/2015
280. This I Pray On Bended Knee 11/22/2015

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  • Ruby Honeytip Ruby Honeytip (12/18/2012 6:46:00 AM)

    Nice work! Keep up with your's important: -)

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  • Titi Dale Titi Dale (12/9/2012 3:12:00 PM)

    Hi! I promised I would do this, so I have!
    Your poems are rare gems to the world! You have much to teach the new poets here, so to be a good teacher, write more poetry.

Best Poem of Noah Body

In A Land Of Darkness Am I Lost

In a land of black darkness am I lost
I want out of this land no matter the cost

I'm tired of tears burning down my face
Of the thoughts setting my heart to race

Thoughts of death, of peace at last
It's set in stone, the die is cast

The emptiness that eats me alive
Is buried way down deep inside

It sucks up my soul and spits it out
The pain of it makes me shout

On the wind my cries are blown
No one to hear, away they've flown

Still in my head the echoes ring
But of love and joy I'll never sing

For no heart is inside of ...

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The Passing Of The Light

The light it shines so bright and clear and then it fades away
It leaves behind the dark and pain that is here to stay

And with it's passing it has sucked all the life out of me
The dark is so compete and full that I can't even see

Everything once so beautiful and sharp has grown fuzzy and dim
I cry out to God for help but I've heard nothing from Him

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