Noemi Lee

Rookie (2006)

Noemi Lee Poems

81. Only In Dreams 5/22/2006
82. A Word Of Advice 5/23/2006
83. Trash Poem 5/24/2006
84. 8 Days 5/25/2006
85. 31 5/26/2006
86. All Alone 5/8/2006
87. Commercials Make Me Cry 5/8/2006
88. A Look Back 5/17/2006
89. It's All Inside 5/20/2006
90. The Cleansing 5/6/2006
91. [the Solution] 4/25/2006
92. Stain Resistant 4/29/2006
93. I Realize 5/1/2006
94. I Require Nothing Of You 5/3/2006
95. I'M Getting Old 4/28/2012
96. The Race 9/28/2006
97. On Missing A Dose 5/10/2006
98. The Problem With Wishes 6/19/2006
99. 4 Chocolate Kisses 9/27/2006
100. Leave My Name Out Of Your Mouth 4/29/2006
101. Magic Dust 5/5/2006
102. Longing 5/18/2006
103. 10: 27 Am 5/21/2006
104. 5 Days A Month 5/11/2006
105. Who Will Stand? 5/29/2006
106. Please Answer Me 9/4/2006
107. All Is Quiet On My Planet 9/18/2006
108. This Is An Angry Poem 5/29/2006
109. Somebody Lied To Me 5/12/2006
110. Merely A Girl 4/28/2006
111. I Am Not A Poet 4/27/2006
112. An Issue Of Trust 8/23/2006

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Best Poem of Noemi Lee

An Issue Of Trust

I do not allow
into my heart.

I do not trust them
to not
tear it all apart.

I do not trust
not to hurt or betray

And so I protect
my heart
by locking the gate
and hiding the key.

In all of this mistrust
I can clearly see
That one I truly do not trust
is me.

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[the Solution]

You know, when I am around you, I am starkly aware that I don’t understand all of my feelings.
[or how to express my fearful thoughts]
I do not know how to explain this to you.
[and I am afraid that if I do, you will laugh at me- or worse- ignore me.]
So I think the best thing for me to do is to stop talking to you.
[it is the best thing]
This will cause my uncertainty to disappear.
[and give me stability]
After all, I am certain that not talking would be easier than working it out

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