Nomthi Lusiti

Rookie (1966/03/07 / Eastern Cape, Queenstown)

Biography of Nomthi Lusiti

The author is new, never wrote anything proffessionally. She wrote some staff for herself but never published anything. At the moment is writing a story about herself, the ups and downs of her life that brought her to be who she is right now. All poems written come from the book 'The pieces of my life in poetry' which is from 'The pieces of my Life' which is not finished yet.

Nomthi Lusiti's Works:

None Updates

A Letter To You Mom

I was never a perfect child but you put up with me,
You had no support, nor compensation from those who burdened you with me
But even so you never complained nor treat me differently for that.
I was in no good health when you accepted me but you took a good care of me
Going up and down the healthcares and doctors with me
Hoping and praying for my recovery.

You had your hands full of your own children and family
But never the less accepted me as one of them.

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