Norman F. Santos

Rookie - 497 Points (Nov.19,1990 / Philippines)

Norman F. Santos Poems

121. Birth Of The Lion Man 12/10/2015
122. An Empty Hearth 12/10/2015
123. Barricade Of Dominoes 12/10/2015
124. Bedtime Stories 12/10/2015
125. Anxious Anticipation 12/10/2015
126. Arsonist 12/10/2015
127. Butterfly Pestilence 12/10/2015
128. Coding The Lionman 12/10/2015
129. Genocide 12/10/2015
130. Committed To Memory 12/10/2015
131. Crystal Castles 12/10/2015
132. Cradle Of Deceit 12/10/2015
133. Flustering Tides 12/10/2015
134. Equinox 12/10/2015
135. I Forgot How To Do It 12/10/2015
136. Heaven In A Bitter Bud 12/10/2015
137. In Owls Cry 12/10/2015
138. Like Pigeons 12/10/2015
139. Glass Boy, Spare Some 12/10/2015
140. Twilight Of Daggers 12/10/2015
141. Mote 12/10/2015
142. Norman 12/10/2015
143. A Dream In The Shade Of Gray 12/10/2015
144. Chrysalis 12/10/2015
145. One For The Road 12/10/2015
Best Poem of Norman F. Santos


Incongruous creeper of star crossed fate
Muted dreamer with a living to tolerate
Swanking too compensate the lack of luster
A sycophantic wish delivering a note of disaster
As you regress inexorably to a cringe of pity
A cocoon not of metamorphosis but of mediocrity
Hoisted in the blind relishing promise
A delirium of emancipation from apathetic premise
Quelling identity to bargain sympathy
A herald of toppling chance of divinity
You opt for opulent wings, lavish and capturing
Denied amplification with no point of returning
A fancy to take flight but no ...

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Barricade Of Dominoes

For every query, a sedative truth
Supercilious codes downhill the roots
Surreptitious cards no eyes can muse
Of one gambit too bare for this ruse-
Sauntering thru and fro one crooked route.

Stocking piles in sophistication
Piece by piece, veneers of sublimation
Detrimental mirror of affectation;

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