norman hale

Freshman - 556 Points (2/18/1963 / ohio)

norman hale Poems

81. He Said Let Me 4/11/2009
82. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow 3/2/2009
83. May I Have Your Hand 7/11/2009
84. Haunting Lessons Ii 7/27/2009
85. Throw Away That Voodoo Doll 7/31/2009
86. Angel Dropping Stars 8/3/2009
87. God Grant Us This Prayer 8/4/2009
88. Talk To Me 8/5/2009
89. Dreaming Of My Pets 8/8/2009
90. Down A Lonely Road Tonight 8/22/2009
91. In Your Arms 8/23/2009
92. I Can See You 8/25/2009
93. I Am So Very Sorry 8/25/2009
94. To See You Leave 9/1/2009
95. Some Never Believe Me 9/21/2009
96. Just Sitting Here Looking Up 9/21/2009
97. Haunting Lessons 3 10/7/2009
98. Halloween Warning 10/24/2009
99. Heidi The Witch 10/28/2009
100. Haunted Road 11/1/2009
101. Thanksgiving Guest 11/21/2009
102. He Said Take All 11/25/2009
103. In This Here Heart 11/26/2009
104. Drifting In Sweet Memories 12/10/2009
105. You Are My Dear Friend 1/17/2010
106. Don'T Cry A Single Tear 1/18/2010
107. I Found You This Rose 1/18/2010
108. This Rose 1/23/2010
109. A Little Bundle Of Joy 2/4/2010
110. Down By The Sea 2/5/2010
111. If I Was To 2/7/2010
112. Here Comes The Love Train 2/8/2010
113. When I Stand 2/10/2010
114. Love Is Not 2/13/2010
115. My Ruby Jean 2/13/2010
116. As He Lay There Dead 3/11/2010
117. At The Edge Of The Clift 3/15/2010
118. Until The Time Is Right 5/24/2010
119. There She Is 5/26/2010
120. As Pure As 5/26/2010
Best Poem of norman hale

A Soldiers Wife

As she sits there on the edge of the bed
Holding onto sweet memories, going through her head
She has their babies asleep in the next room
But remembers back when they was just bride and groom

She takes the kids to visit his mother
Together they hold hands and pray for a son and a lover
It's been too long now since he first left
For his tour of duty at his counties request

She talks with others who have loved ones over there
Helping to support each other with loving care
Sometimes she breaks down when the kids ask 'when is dad coming home? '
She wishes ...

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Lady Vampiress

Each day just when the sun goes down,
And there is no one else around,
Is when the vampires comes out to play;
But really, she is hunting prey.

She haunts the shadows of the night,
Searching for the type that's just right;
She has the thirst to drain your blood.
She'll give you fatal hickeys, bud!

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