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41. On That Night Of Betrayal 1/22/2015
42. A Short Poem To A Fabricated Man 1/20/2015
43. My Religious Dog. 1/17/2015
44. The Day When I Was Born Poetry 6/17/2013
45. Diffraction~折射 6/17/2013
46. My Mother's Wings 1/9/2015
47. Her Granny's Schizophrenia Cure 1/19/2015
48. When Your Heaven Called 1/25/2015
49. A Mother And Her Teen.. 1/25/2015
50. Blood That Killed Two 1/25/2015
51. Type Typefaces 2/15/2015
52. My Dog's Bone 2/20/2015
53. Contain 2/16/2015
54. She Has To Work Tonight 2/8/2015
55. In A Red Tortoise 2/12/2015
56. My Night And Morning Crap 1/25/2015
57. Check Your Eye Pressure -Glaucoma Awareness Month For January. 1/25/2015
58. Her Love Is And Is Not. 1/10/2015
59. My Ipod Friend 1/10/2015
60. Don'T Eat My Lunch...... 2/8/2015
61. Anger 2/3/2015
62. My Sun Was Eaten 2/19/2015
63. I Have Eyes Can'T See 2/20/2015
64. Just Take A Simple Faith 2/18/2015
65. When The Depression Came.... 2/3/2015
66. Art Is Long And Life Is Short 1/10/2015
67. His Sasquatche's Fear 1/9/2015
68. One Hundredth Year Of Sorrow. 1/19/2015
69. In A Burning Thunder 2/13/2015
70. My Mother In A Smile 3/6/2015
71. He Prefers A Blonde 2/16/2015
72. A Man With An Extra-Marital Relationship. 2/6/2015
73. A Boar Hunting 1/18/2015
74. A Poem To A Snob. 1/17/2015
75. You Got To Smile Today 2/7/2015
76. In Times Of The Most Extreme..... 2/14/2015
77. I'M Buried In The Sky. 2/15/2015
78. Heavenly Love 1/20/2015
79. My Dad's Old Boots.... 2/5/2015
80. He Got A Hole In His Heart-Promotional Poem For Heart Month. 2/7/2015

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His Love Story

Love aches
Love breaks
Love cries
Love dies
Love almost ends, and
Love fights on
Love gushes
Love hates
Love ignores
Love jabs
Love kicks
Love labours
Love makes
over and over.
Love is neat
Love is opening
Love is patience
Love is quietness
Love is romance
Love is sharing
Love is temperate
Love is understanding
Love is virtue
Love is wanting
Love is xerox
Love is yoking
Love is zoology

This is his 22 years of love-marriage,
What is your story?

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Die Of Thousands Deaths

He was taking out a sharp dagger
and I was sitting there.
Feeling that he was piercing through the forest
of my hair,
I was sitting there.
He was chopping my hairs in order and in disarray.
I smelt dripping of sweat and blood from his hand.
And I was sitting there.
He is finishing off my head and face and next

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