Not Long Left

Rookie (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Not Long Left Poems

41. The Obeserver 11/9/2005
42. From L-B-B-D (Episode One) 11/5/2005
43. The Unthinkable (S) 11/10/2005
44. Should Never Have Met You, Never Mind Let You Go. 4/8/2006
45. Scar Face (Revisited) 4/10/2006
46. If A Poem Could Reach Heaven 12/31/2005
47. For The One Who Stayed On Too Long 12/31/2005
48. Hark! The Arrival Of The Coming Spring 1/2/2006
49. The Pro's And Cons Of Tea Leaves 1/3/2006
50. Liquid Thoughts Part 2 (In The Warmth Of The Home) 1/3/2006
51. Your Words 1/3/2006
52. Like A Grand Old Chandelier 1/4/2006
53. I Do Not Speak, As You Do Not Hear 1/5/2006
54. If We Should Meet Again In Heaven 1/25/2006
55. She Lightens As She Weakens 1/26/2006
56. When Time Let Go Of My Youth 1/30/2006
57. Moving On Revisited 3/7/2006
58. With These Eyes I Retreat 2/1/2006
59. Like The Last Of The Soft Down Of Youth 2/1/2006
60. The Waiting Room (Lost Lovers Lobby) 2/2/2006
61. The Fading Of All Things 2/2/2006
62. Note Taking's Of Nature 2/3/2006
63. Lonely Lovers Walk Under A Fresh Autumn Sky 2/5/2006
64. Secrets And Lies, To Live A Joint Life. 2/5/2006
65. Submission Addiction 2/5/2006
66. For The Boy Who Coudn'T Save 2/4/2006
67. Reality Knocking On Dreams Door 2/6/2006
68. He Fell Asleep At The Wrong Time. 2/6/2006
69. For Those Who Pretend To Hear The Black Barking Dog 2/7/2006
70. The Silent Words Of Love 2/8/2006
71. Another Mother 12/30/2005
72. The Changing And Rearranging Of Our Love 4/21/2006
73. Away With The Waves 4/21/2006
74. The Fading Of Mans Desires 2/11/2006
75. A Strangers Smile Can Stay With You For Quite A While 2/18/2006
76. The Hermit From The Hills 2/18/2006
77. Using Your Blues 2/19/2006
78. Damage Limitation 3/1/2006
79. How Easily Humans Settle In Their Own Despair 3/1/2006
80. One Very Short Summer 3/1/2006

Comments about Not Long Left

  • Amanda Lukas (6/8/2006 4:05:00 PM)

    Vincent, I must admit that I have recently been skimming through the authors on the new poems list rather than titles. That being said, I've found that your name is one that always sticks out and promises a great read.

    It's a pleasure to read you.


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  • Mike Finley (4/25/2006 7:57:00 AM)

    There is a persistent melancholy in your work, Vincent. Siometimes it has a sweetness, and sometimes it seems to be something you are gunning for - a self-punishment perhaps.

    My prayer for you is to take your talent, which is considerable, and to reroute it toward less destructive, less self-pitying.

    The mind of a poet is a thicket of tares, but the world is bright and bountiful. Take a walk outside, and open your heart to the possibilities.

  • Michele Kostelnik Parrillo (3/8/2006 11:38:00 PM)

    This poem about the bird that dies in the grass is so so sad. I did cry. When I was young, oh so young, I buried a frozen cat in my back yard. What a poem. I must say you have got it Vincent. Oh yes, it was beautiful also - in death there is beauty. The feather.... michele kostelnik

  • Gina Onyemaechi (1/30/2006 8:15:00 AM)

    If his date of birth didn't show, you'd think he was twice his actual age. He has overwhelming, mature talent.

  • Joy Vanderhelm (1/2/2006 4:35:00 PM)

    I'm glad you posted on the forum because then I might have wasted more time hunting for someone with even a smidgen of your ability. You write like I dream, with force, power and emotion that could fill a room.
    Warm regards, Joy

  • john tiong chunghoo john tiong chunghoo (1/1/2006 1:52:00 AM)

    some of his poems are great stuff.

Best Poem of Not Long Left

The Moon, The Sun, The Sea, The Rain, And The Wind

The moon still shines like that of ages old,
holding distant secrets like a tale yet to be told,
The sun in all its blinding beauty continues to lend us its rays,
enriching us with memories of those blisfull youthspent days.

The sea still massages the sandy golden shores,
passing from the sea gods ever open jaws.
The rain still travels from open blue skys,
showering the land as the sky god cries.

The wind whispers words of both hope and depair,
in hope it strokes the heads of ours so very fair,
The moon and the sun and the sea the rain and the wind,...

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The Guilty Poet

under the late lights of the night,
warm and at futile ease,
poems flow, a mind is appeased,
typing rhythmic words of little worth,
its easy for me,
i have what so many other foriegn
minds do not,
and here i sit,
feeling like a lost ship,

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