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Biography of nouri black

i was born in 1987 in thailand. i was living with my mom and 2 stepsisters. my dad(who is arabic) used to live with us but then problems happened and my parents got divorced, and he moved away to united arab emirates, i was only 2 years old at that time. then he married my step mother, and when i was abt 9 years old he came back for me and took me (away from my mom and sisters) with him to his second 'arabic' family. imagine a 9 yr old girl, who used to live in a shanty town, who used to share a tiolet with a whole neighboorhood, who has lice in her hair and only knows how to speak thai. imagine her in a new house, with a new family, a totally confused girl, who doesn't know how to comunicate with anyone...trying so hard to fit in, and out of a sudden, becoming an older sister for 2 brothers and a sister.they even changed my name(it was Natia) .it was like forcing me to throw my old life totally behind my was never easy for after 11 yrs, i look back at those memories...and i feel like the worst has already happened, and it gives me a positive veiw of life that somthing better will happen. coz life takes somthing and gives somthing in return. it gives me a motive to make my life ful of joy to make up for all the misery that i've been through in my childhood... Updates

My Appreciation

When I look back at my life
I could see a lot of pain
A lot of dim colors
A lot of tears
But now when am with you
I could see the sunshine
And the mountains and the rivers
I could smile
When you hold me

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