Nouri Queen

Nouri Queen Poems

1. One More Chance 7/16/2009
2. I Feel So Bad 7/16/2009
3. 17 Of July 7/16/2009
4. Fake Love Ft Sean Rojas(My Best Friend) 7/17/2009
5. I Dont Understand! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10/1/2009
6. My Cousin Susu 10/1/2009
7. Dont Talk About My Mom 10/1/2009
8. My Love Ft Sean Rojas 10/1/2009
9. Back To Be My Hero 10/1/2009
10. Body With Out A Soul 11/21/2009
11. Leave Me Alone 11/21/2009
12. My Life 11/21/2009
13. No One Could Love Me Like You Do (Ft Sean Rojas) 11/21/2009
14. Suicide Is Not An Answer 1/11/2010
15. Ur So Gay... 5/19/2010
16. Why? ? ? Mammy Why? ? 5/7/2009
17. Tonight Is The Night 5/7/2009
18. Ohh Lord 5/7/2009
19. Its Over 5/7/2009
20. My Friend 5/7/2009
21. My Weakness 5/7/2009
22. My Secret Friend 7/16/2009
23. Baby Am Crazy About You 5/7/2009
24. Have To Be Strong 5/7/2009
Best Poem of Nouri Queen

Baby Am Crazy About You

Baby am so crazy abt u
I love u the way u r
I no we fight allot
But that doesn’t matter
Coz without u there’s no air
U no like Chris brown song
Baby when u go far away from me
I feel like everything turns black
There’s no more color in ma life
So ill do anything
Jus to keep u in ma life
Coz I love you to death
Baby if u want ma soul
Ill give it to u with no regret
Ill do anything jus to make u happy
N believe me baby when I say dat
Its Coz am so dangerously in love with u
I don’t want anyone else except u
Coz ur ma strength, ma passion, ma...

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Tonight Is The Night

Tonight is the night
That am wearing white
Walking with ma head high
Next to ma beloved husband
To the land of happiness
And start a new different life
That of full joy, laugh, passion, and love

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