• Bibek Mishra (10/2/2015 3:28:00 PM)

    Moved by your compassion to friends and foes alike. Like your introspective nature. Your greatness shines through your expressions of gratitude to society, nature and the creator. Your love of children and animals
    display your child like simplicity. Your contribution to society, culture, dramatics and music is exemplary.
    You are a great lover of science and arts alike. Your devotion to work, society and God makes you a great soul.

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  • Bibek Mishra (7/6/2015 3:26:00 PM)

    Your poems soaked me with compassion to humans and other living beings. Your invocations to nature and the creator made you humble and me humbler. Your sense of gratitude to all is sign of your visionary thought process. Your contribution to the society is exemplary. Hunting to read more such inspirational poems, proses and quotations. Eager to have personal discussions with you and associate myself with your voluntary work.

welcome New Friend

It is time for an old friend to say good bye as in duty bound
Reminiscence of friendship and familiarity will chase me as a hound
Not able to bid farewell as tears well up in eyes feeling attached
As days passed by have taught new ways to adapt and stay engaged
How is it possible just forget and move on cutting all ties and relationships?
Return with heavy heart and tearful eyes consoling with fond memories
Prefer to stay alone closing the eyes and think ways to fight loneliness
Hear a

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