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life is full of expectations and wishes.
dreams and vissions, love and hatred.
failures and dissapointment.

things change all the time, today is this.
tomorrow is that happy now sad the next hour.
you're young and later you're old
yesterday you won today you lost.

a victor today but a looser tomorrow.
you're satisfied by then but now you're so disappointed, today she is so crazy about you, tomorrow she find somone else.
you frawn and then you smile.
you cry and then you lough.

you took an oarth then you broke the rules.
promises are made broken.you give an then you recieved.you trust and then betrayed.promises are made and broken.thats how life goes.

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Life is full of expectations and wishes.
Dreams and visions.
Love and hatred.
Failures and disappointment.
Things change all the time.
Today is this, tomorrow is that.

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