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Biography of NurViktoria Ellen

NurViktoria Ellen poet

Nur has lived and worked in various countries across Europe, in a wide range of jobs. She speaks several languages and writes fiction (novels and short stories) as well as poetry in German and English.

NurViktoria Ellen's Works:

Tuesday Blues
A Place To Be (Novel; 1999)
Telling Tides - a Cornish Novel (2003)
Tracking Sanity (Poetry Collection)
All The Way Down From Here (Poems) Updates

Greek Offerings

Greek Offerings
I know just how those Greeks must feel -
When I went down and out
and asked for no more than a cup of tea
to lift my spirits from disgrace
you opened your cheque book
and with a frown and great foresight acquired majority shares in my life.

When I was without means and lost

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