Obasi Okoro Stephen

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Biography of Obasi Okoro Stephen

I speak I don't talk.
I'm a lover of nature, that makes me a philosopher and I'm very poetic too, but I'm beyond that friend. An among the few individuals who has discovered the extent of power in nature.....
I'm someone that cherishes his childhood attitude and acts but blessed with condensed wisdom and proverbs of my mother and father's tongue. I love respect and I strive to give it to anyone that deserves it. The bond between me and people is like that of butterfly wings.
I can be so gentle and hidden sometimes.
I love acting and reciting poems...
I cannot be known completely because It's Only God that can know a man completely but I changes for good too. I'm not idealistic in nature but I'm REALISTIC and Optimistic too.
There is a funny thing about me and It's.........
O ooh! how can I ever forget about my spiritual life, I'm forever entangled, glued, and addicted to the Holy Scripture, the BIBLE. Everyday that passes I strive to do the word of God. I also study the Holy KORAN often.

Add me as your friend not to increase the number of junks but to make a real friendship with me. I'm always happy when friends in-box me.

I believe in reincarnation, but I'm not new to this world. Don't be puzzled in-box me if you're inquisitive.

What I find very sacred in this life is ''FORGIVENESS and LIFE'' and BLOOD.

I'm from a family of seven, very descent and lovers of Education, life and humanity. We laugh a lot, argue, share our problems and pray together.

God and Silent inspires me.

Obasi Okoro Stephen's Works:

I Call you Love
The Beauty of my Lady

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When I Am With Her.

She calls me my name
and like a sweet loving flame
i respond like a wind to bless her
alluring lips
she returned back my kiss while
my hands were still on her gallant hips
in her eyes i felt the loneliness
and in here breast comes the

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