Obegi Oyori

Obegi Oyori Quotes

  • ''I yearn to reach the end of the tunnel because I hear there's light, but if there won't be light I'll be glad I carried my own light with me.''
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  • ''If you're always in trouble you become a philosopher; if you're happy you become a comedian. That's why we have many philosophers than comedians.''
  • ''Life is one word that has many meanings each depending on time and the situation you're in.''
  • ''When you need something desperately, don't hold on; press hard and go for it.''
  • ''One challenge of life is stretching. We stretch to reach our goals in life, we maintain our relationships, we stretch to improve our grades and we stretch to make tomorrow better, but we never get enough of stretching.''
  • ''I have had friends in my life; some have left but others are there to stay. They have taught me one thing: some of them may not be what they pretend to be but most of them are just what they are.''
  • ''Every time I meet situations and people, I wish I wouldn't judge them but rather question them...but I don't know the difference, so I do none.''
  • ''If you really want to know somebody entrust them with a responsibility. This is the surest way to know what kind of a person they are.''
    Knowing somebody
  • ''Do not throw away a spotlight when it dawns for the darkness will strike again.''
  • ''You only see what your mind wants you to see. Therefore, don't change the direction of your eyes' focus; change your mind.''

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Best Poem of Obegi Oyori

My Little Bird

Brilliant little bird so sweet,
I love the way you sing to me,
Resplendent, vivid and bold are your feathers,
Delightful is your soft sweet voice.

Beautiful beak so pleasing,
Ideal companion you are to me,
Refined I feel when near you,
Desirable character you possess.

Breathtaking is your style,
Ispiring are your words to me,
Ravishing when you flap your wings,
Dalingest to me than all birds alive.

Bewitching is your chirp,
Impeccably pretty and royal,
Readily there for me always,
Difficulties notwithstanding.

Best ...

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A Love Letter

I love you-
With all my heart
Is it a sin to love?
You are young;
But does love ever grow old?
If it is a sin to love
Then I am a real sinner!
I will rather be sinner and love you

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