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My name is Ocean, I love writing. I love to write poems, they help me vent out what I am feeling. I am writing books. I wrote one book, it's called,
The Mystery of Mystery <- Series name
The Secret of Mystery <- Book Title

I finshed my second book:
The Mystery of Mystery
The Search for Mystery

I am writing my third book:
The Mystery of Mystery
Mystery's Battle

My first and second books are getting publihed, will updat more later, I already know what I'm gonna do for my fourth book.

Ocean Myranda's Works:

Both my first and second books are getting published

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Finding someone new can be hard,
But when you take your time it all works out,
Sometimes you will get the lucky card,
If you keep trying there’s no doubt.

Every time you love with your heart and your soul,
Everyone would want to be around you,
Let your heart take control,
All you have to do for the person you love is to be true.

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