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My name is Ocean, I love writing. I love to write poems, they help me vent out what I am feeling. I am writing books. I wrote one book, it's called,
The Mystery of Mystery <- Series name
The Secret of Mystery <- Book Title

I finshed my second book:
The Mystery of Mystery
The Search for Mystery

I am writing my third book:
The Mystery of Mystery
Mystery's Battle

My first and second books are getting publihed, will updat more later, I already know what I'm gonna do for my fourth book.

Ocean Myranda's Works:

Both my first and second books are getting published

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The Final Chance

Running to the fifty yard line,
He threw it to the player who yelled, “Mine! ”
The crowd roared as he caught it,
He ran faster, there was no time to sit!

Five minutes left in the fourth quarter,
He ran past the twenty-five yard line border,
He ran as fast as a jackal,
Only to be taken down by a great tackle!

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