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“A Music Sorceress'
Ocean creates entrancing music from beach funk to hot dance through mystic realms of hypnotic exotica - from mesmerizing raps to pop rock, from comparisons to Sting to Evanescence, hot r&b and cool raps with soaring danceable pop, from Prince to Blondie, Al Green to Sarah MacLaghlin, Sting to Sade.
Ocean, singer-songwriter-producer, was born at the beach, named for the ocean, and in addition to making great music, surfs and travels, rescues animals and promotes veganism and environmentalism. She was born in California and attended school in New York and in Europe, traveled the world, and combines different musicians for each project she produces.
In addition to her music and lyrics, Ocean writes poetry and prose, drawing on her experiences while traveling the globe. Often Ocean writes about her love for all animals, including humans, for other cultures, and for the cosmos.

Ocean ...'s Works:

Mermaid Tales, c.2007
Ocean Rhythm Publishing, Inc.

Mermaid Tales, a collection of Ocean's sea poems.

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