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Alfredo Torres 26 August 2020

I had a great boss and teacher, who’s name was Art.

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Soran M. H 21 December 2019

he is great poet, my first favorite modern poet, his works are different and amazing

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Imnotwritingmyname 18 May 2019

I love Octavio Paz! I had him for a spanish project and in my opinion he is the best South American poet ever!

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jayro dyer 05 April 2019

how about publishing poems in the language they were written?

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Charlie Jade 14 November 2018

Nice! Love his poem(s) ! Octavio Paz is an amazing guy, just doing an assignment for school, thought he was boring. But after reading these, it was awesome! I know take him as an inspirer.

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Andrés Paz Otero 25 September 2018

I love this guy is amazing

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Gazi Saiful islam 05 January 2014

From world literature scene Octavio Paz is my favorite, I just start to translate Paz's poem. One week ago I already translate these as: Across, As One Listens To The Rain, Axis, Between Going and Coming, Brotherhood, Counterparts, Last Dawn, No More Clichés, Passage, Spaces, The Street, The Bridge etc from poemhunter.com. I think next year I can publish a book on Paz and his Peoms.

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Sayeed Abubakar 28 December 2012

A great poet of the world. He is one of my favorite poems since my university life. I did not know then that my lot will lead me to his country. I feel now happy that my beloved Alma Lorena Lopez Velazquez is a nymph of his country.

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Alex Gomez 21 June 2009

I do not know too much about this man, but there is a charter school named after him in Chicago and I attended my first year of schooling there, so he must have been a very influential figure through his words.

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Narendran Vr 15 November 2004

A great poet, and also associated with India, Paz have great influence on contemporary Indian poetry.Poets like K, G.Sankara Pillai have imitated Paz to a great extent.Often misquoted and mis=understood as a marxist poet although a school he do not belongs to, Paz put forward the magical experience of poetry of fine quality and great human values.His poems have a personal touch and a nature to talk to the inner profiles.

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