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https: //odysseaszervos.wordpress.com/about/

i have nothing to say about me. my greek words here will tell you everything you want

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https: //mobile.twitter.com/odysseaszervos

Odysseas Zervos's Works:

1. " moments... on scale of abyss"
ISBN: 9781310019340

https: //odysseaszervos.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/stigmes-se-zigaria-avissou/

2. " 2015 moments of OZ"
ISBN: 9781311770103

https: //odysseaszervos.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/2015-stigmes-oz/#more-634

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~δραπέτης Της Μοίρας~

ß???a ap?ta ??e??a
ap?t?? µpa???ta? t?? st???
µ??? ???????a? µ?a ?t??t? ?a?d??
de? t?? seß?st??a?
de? p?ste?a? t??? ?t?p???
de? t?? a??p?sa?
ta ????a e??a? ?e?t??
fe??? ap?t?? p???e??
a???e?a p??ta de??????
p??? ?atast???e?? ?a? d?a???e??
??a ???? µ?a f???

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