Ofentse Mercy Hajane

Rookie - 76 Points [Ofentse Mercy Hajane] (1992-04-23 / South Africa/ Johannesburg/ Krugersdorp/ Munsieville)

Ofentse Mercy Hajane Poems

41. The Art Of Love 11/22/2013
42. The Death Angel: The Death Of The Devil 11/22/2013
43. The Death Of A Beautiful Woman 11/22/2013
44. The Inherited Knowledge Of The Old 11/22/2013
45. Things An Atheist Do In The Dark 11/22/2013
46. Through The Key Hole 11/22/2013
47. When We Were Twins 11/22/2013
48. Rose’s Thorns 11/24/2013
49. God Is American 12/21/2013
50. A Pound Heavier 2/20/2014
51. Black 2/20/2014
52. I Am 2 2/20/2014
53. November 1996 2/20/2014
54. Death's Buttler 8/26/2014
55. Faith 8/26/2014
56. The Death Of A Maid 8/26/2014
57. Faults Of Intelligence 5/18/2015
58. The Death Of Lilly 4/6/2013
59. A Road Less Travelled 12/6/2013
60. The Lost Voice 8/26/2014
61. When You Were Sleeping 2/20/2014
62. The Tree 11/22/2013
63. Mermaids 11/20/2013
64. Cycles Encircling Me 11/7/2013
65. Let Me Be Africa 4/6/2013
66. Bloody Love 4/6/2013
67. Fallen From Grace 4/7/2013
68. Living Things (Containers Of God) 4/5/2013
69. A Letter To My Ancestors 11/7/2013
70. Death: Lady Death 5/7/2013
71. Awkward Life 11/7/2013
72. Lucifer 11/17/2013
73. Lucifer's Interview (The Interview Series 1) 11/17/2013
74. I'M Afraid To Live 11/24/2013
75. Non Omnis Moriar 11/20/2013
76. Death Of A Painter 8/26/2014
77. Black & Untitled 4/6/2013
78. Regret (English-Sotho Poem) 11/21/2013
79. Depth Of My Love 4/6/2013
80. I Am An African Child 12/7/2014
Best Poem of Ofentse Mercy Hajane

I Am An African Child

I am an African child.
How do I know this?
Because I listen to sounds of life long lived.
Do not cite me any parchment of thine god,
For we all know there's no such.
I know that because I am an African child.
When you wake up in the morning,
I ask you not to pray for me,
'cause prayer can never be traded in for food,
For salvation,
For recognition,
Nor for love.
I am an African child,
I know.
When they said hide the truth in the book,
They also hid a lie besides it.
Three guesses what my brother chose!
I know this because ...

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Thy Is An African

Wakenth from chamber of shadows,
Arrows armed in each of thou warrior,
The darkness is thy mother.
Thou art in its mending marvel.
One would argue not the resemblance.
For even thy skin betrays thy nahying intentions of thy origin.
Great men hast not tried to mend back the power that created them.
For nature hath been glowing over them with needles of truth.
Lest ye listen to the music of the winds.

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