Oilibheir Álain Christie Biography

Welcome all of you, lovers of poetry.
Don't look for poetry " of mine" here; this is not my point.
I stopped writing poetry long ago because I believe it is better to be an honourable interpreter than a mediocre author. What I had written in the past has now become inaccessible since I was deprived of my home.
I am a mere actor; and, as all genuine actors, I love poetry and I love to contribute to the promotion of it, to encourage the appreciation of it.
That is why I do the only thing a blacklisted actor can still do. I record my own rendition of what I esteem great poetry and I upload my work on the web (mostly YouTube) .
As I have also been a linguist, I translate these videos and synchronize the subtitles.
These translations are published here on PoemHunter.
I hope you enjoy it.

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