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olaitan tunde Poems

1. Away Of Life 5/24/2012
2. When The Sinner Cried 5/24/2012
3. Love Fell Apart On The Same Continent 5/24/2012
4. Give Praise To Thy Lord 5/24/2012
5. The New Year Midnight 7/29/2012
6. Narrow Way 9/8/2012
7. My Lover Box 11/19/2012
8. Life Is Like A Stage 1/26/2013
9. Problem People Face 1/26/2013
10. All Of My Life 1/26/2013
11. Pungent 1/26/2013
12. Love And Life 4/20/2013
13. The Mirror 12/19/2013
14. Misogynist 1 12/19/2013
15. Misogynist 2 12/19/2013
16. Misogynist3 12/22/2013
17. Haiku*1 1/25/2014
18. Haiku*2 2/7/2014
19. Haiku*3 2/7/2014
20. I Love My Son 1/26/2013
21. New Year Midnight 5/16/2012
22. Year Of Remembrance 5/16/2012
23. My Mother 5/24/2012
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Year Of Remembrance

21christimase, annum as gone, am still staring at the sun there, I mean down
there goes my day youth:
tendering, losing difference type of dream, imagery unfulfilled with pain and agony.
! O ribcage, catalyst of my misery why thou you follow plangent of life, a blessing, nemesis
how would i change my destiny with time, in the day of death, friend go away, when am i
ready for the next bosom war of heart, that fall fragile without no nature to pick it up.
dear poltergeistics, nonreciprocal spouse forgive my sermon impediment am a mouse.
am ...

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New Year Midnight

'now the bell rang,
a year is dead.
and my heart is slowly beating, like a drum that has know end.
life is the youngest man, but not a friend of mine.
'I can hear the tinnitus of the ghost, moving around, dream beyond dream:
mingling with the dying, bell sound fading into memories like a rain drop, falling
into a river, thy form source of earth
! o how would i love graveyard with a teeth, rolling down, no! no! move not the

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