Olin Yeats

Biography of Olin Yeats

Olin Yeats grew up reading and reciting the macabre fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers. Soon he began creating his own stories of dwarves, old forests, and sorcerers. Yeats rarely put his poems or stories on paper, but acted them out with his two younger brothers in their sixty-seven acre forest. Now authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, William Shakespeare, and Jane Austen fill his bookshelves and absorb his time. He has also begun writing poems and a novel. The Olden English is a common theme. He currently lives in the mountains of North East Georgia.

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Modern Context: Love

Amidst the two crowds of gay and not-gay come screams and cries
Like poisoned arrows aimed to kill,
Or like a savage dance bringing down the skies.
Yet, who thinks to ask His will.

“Their group is distorted, perverted, and bad.
Let us condemn them with our words!
Speak now and scream, yes He will be glad.
Don’t waver or you too shall be brought down by the sword.”

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