Oliver Wendell Holmes Poems

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Reflections Of A Proud Pedestrian

I saw the curl of his waving lash,
And the glance of his knowing eye,
And I knew that he thought he was cutting a dash,

At My Fireside

ALONE, beneath the darkened sky,
With saddened heart and unstrung lyre,
I heap the spoils of years gone by,

Vestigia Quinque Retrorsum

WHILE fond, sad memories all around us throng,
Silence were sweeter than the sweetest song;
Yet when the leaves are green and heaven is blue

An Impromptu

THE clock has struck noon; ere it thrice tell the hours
We shall meet round the table that blushes with flowers,


I 'm ashamed,--that 's the fact,--it 's a pitiful case,--
Won't any kind classmate get up in my place?

Parting Hymn

FATHER of Mercies, Heavenly Friend,
We seek thy gracious throne;
To Thee our faltering prayers ascend,
Our fainting hearts are known.

The Organ-Blower

DEVOUTEST of my Sunday friends,
The patient Organ-blower bends;
I see his figure sink and rise,
(Forgive me, Heaven, my wandering eyes!)

For Class Meeting

IT is a pity and a shame--alas! alas! I know it is,
To tread the trodden grapes again, but so it has been,
so it is;

An Old-Year Song

As through the forest, disarrayed
By chill November, late I strayed,
A lonely minstrel of the wood

At The Saturday Club

THIS is our place of meeting; opposite
That towered and pillared building: look at it;
King's Chapel in the Second George's day,