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117. A Word To Cheer You 2/7/2008
118. A Mother's Love-I Miss You Mama 1/7/2008

A Mother's Love-I Miss You Mama

There's no word to describe this feeling
There's no match for the thoughts in me
Yet all i can do is wish and imagine
Because your so far away.

I miss you, Mother
No one could ever compare to you
Your love to me is indeed golden
Your affection and care, eternal

I wish i could hold the clock
From ticking away so fast
I wish you were here with me
Right beside me everyday

Everyday i think about you
Your undisputed love and attention
Too many people have tried being you
But they can only try

You will never know how much
How much i ...

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This Life Of Mine

Beautifully and wonderfully made
You brought me into this world
With cries from my little eyes
Announcing my birth
You brought me to life...

You knew my name
You could count my hair
I felt unsafe in a new world

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