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  • Kenneth Umunna (9/16/2011 2:58:00 PM)

    ur poem what manner of life is really a nice piece.well done.

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A Mother's Love-I Miss You Mama

There's no word to describe this feeling
There's no match for the thoughts in me
Yet all i can do is wish and imagine
Because your so far away.

I miss you, Mother
No one could ever compare to you
Your love to me is indeed golden
Your affection and care, eternal

I wish i could hold the clock
From ticking away so fast
I wish you were here with me
Right beside me everyday

Everyday i think about you
Your undisputed love and attention
Too many people have tried being you
But they can only try

You will never know how much
How much i ...

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Only But For A Moment


This strange feeling in me
Coming over from a strange woman
An embodiment of beauty
walked past and i got lost
Hot rush of blood runs over me
Countless words juggle for attention
Several thoughts and feelings encompass

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