Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi

Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi Poems

1. The Pilgrims' Cross 12/29/2005
2. Love Hurts 1/7/2006
3. Danger 2/22/2006
4. Warmth 3/17/2006
5. Night's Companion 3/19/2006
6. Fetish 3/25/2006
7. 'Moskito' 3/26/2006
8. Tribal Marks 6/14/2006
9. Your Cruel Beauty 6/20/2006
10. My Wish 6/20/2006
11. Lagoon Petals 7/29/2006
12. Untitled 8/6/2006
13. Alas! Beauty Queen 8/14/2006
14. A Brook Speaks 8/14/2006
15. My Tears 8/14/2006
16. Sunbathe 9/2/2006
17. A Pool Of Lust 9/21/2006
18. Another Paradise 11/22/2006
19. Funeral 8/31/2007
20. The Day You Cut Me Wide Open 1/28/2008
21. Victims Of Circumstance 2/7/2006
22. Mocking Miss Bright 2/13/2006
23. A Birthday Prayer 2/13/2006
24. The Goat 3/19/2006
25. The Lost Ones 12/29/2005
26. My Still Friend 2/4/2006
27. An Expostulation And Reply: A Damsel, My Mind And Me 2/5/2006

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An Expostulation And Reply: A Damsel, My Mind And Me

Fret not; oh child from beauty
For nature only bears its duty
Speak the words thine heart desire
And tap from grace nature does acquire

Oh but her sight murders my strength
Her sheath is of gold and hence my relent
Better I'd calm and buried in me
Than speak and turn a buzzing bee

But for how long will thy feet restrain
And bear for thyself an endless pain
Bother not thy feeble mind
But speak the words thy mouth doth find

And though my feet be heavily shaken
If nature'd be fair to my risk thus taken
Let every soul be bold inspite;
To ...

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Love Hurts

I guess i'd better stop to love
And sought for things better above
For it does not worth half the stress
But rather place my heart in distress

I never knew love a gall
And thus i beckon to its call
But it be nothing but a ditch
Filled with wounds that will not stitch

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