Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi

Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi Poems

1. The Pilgrims' Cross 12/29/2005
2. The Lost Ones 12/29/2005
3. Love Hurts 1/7/2006
4. My Still Friend 2/4/2006
5. An Expostulation And Reply: A Damsel, My Mind And Me 2/5/2006
6. Victims Of Circumstance 2/7/2006
7. Mocking Miss Bright 2/13/2006
8. Fetish 3/25/2006
9. 'Moskito' 3/26/2006
10. Tribal Marks 6/14/2006
11. Your Cruel Beauty 6/20/2006
12. My Wish 6/20/2006
13. Lagoon Petals 7/29/2006
14. Untitled 8/6/2006
15. Alas! Beauty Queen 8/14/2006
16. A Brook Speaks 8/14/2006
17. My Tears 8/14/2006
18. Sunbathe 9/2/2006
19. A Pool Of Lust 9/21/2006
20. Another Paradise 11/22/2006
21. Funeral 8/31/2007
22. The Day You Cut Me Wide Open 1/28/2008
23. Danger 2/22/2006
24. Warmth 3/17/2006
25. Night's Companion 3/19/2006
26. The Goat 3/19/2006
27. A Birthday Prayer 2/13/2006

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Best Poem of Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi

A Birthday Prayer

And ye to thee the lord bestow
His grace to bid thee yet another year...
Despite adversaries trials and foe,
The lord has placed thee ever so near.

Hearken to him and be quicken to rejoice
Sing sweet praises and lift up your voice
For him that led you till this day
Is faithful to lead you all the way.

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My Still Friend

Several times I've come to see
The white man clad with stone
And there I sit beside his knee
Till night leaves us alone

Thus I touch his numbful cheek
And whisper words to thicken ears
But still I do not hear him speak
Then this increased my fears

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