Oluwatosin Thomas Quotes

25 May 2020

Faith is easily built in the midst of victories and new possibilities, nothing is as cold as a life filled with no miracles.

29 May 2020

The conscience of a conscious man is not settled anytime he does an injustice to a fellow man, but it is normal to habitual evil perpetrator.

08 June 2020

The innocence of every man is reflected in his inability to do evil or accept evil as a way of life around people who sees such as a norm, evil is reflected not only by how we define it or how affected we are to it but also by our response to those who invoke it around us.

22 June 2020

Goodness gravitates towards everyone for no one is destined only for a life of no miracles, but in the same vein goodness may also flee if not braced by proper support.

06 July 2020

Sometimes its the truth you've been trying not to face, or the truth that will change your life. Sometimes its the truth that's a long time coming, or the truth you prayed would never see the light of day. Some truth may not be heard the way we hoped they would, but they linger long after they've been said. But the kind of truth i'm most thankful for... the one you never see coming that falls right into your lap.

13 July 2020

The more a believer deals with the devil, the more he will come to the true purpose of his life.

29 July 2020

The readiness of every man to success is not by the positivity the word carries, but the pressure life has soaked you into.

24 December 2020

Nothing slows down the pace of a Man's destiny than living a life filled with no support but one's sweat alone.

28 December 2020

As buttons are directly in opposite to the designed holes of a shirt, and yet humans generally mix it up. So also i realized that it is mandatory to have a brain in a man's skull without a proper usage of it, as knowledge is not a reflection of what we've mastered but the usage of what we've acquired.

29 December 2020

The world has grown to the peak where it has no reward anymore for HARDWORK. If you believe your sweat is the solution to everything, your story will be like a man who feeds of yeast everyday with no clearer vision.

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