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I was a little child when i started writing. What inspired me was a friend i had who make the potential comes out of me. She gave me a book that I could read. She gave me the ink that I should start painting the mind and souls. She gave me the feet and the hands to apex my stepping. She came into my life and changed my world. I can never resolute to forget her affection towards me. I am still indebted to her cause. Though, she left me without farewell and this bade my first poem i wrote \'MISSING YOU\.'
And, later i was thinking on how to describe her beauty which i finally came out on \'LOVE DANCER\' I am a Business Manager and i am dreaming higher to be a great person in life.

Poetry is a soul food for every human being. It speaks when no one murmur. It imitates when there is no miming or mimicry. It is a teacher yet a student. It is flexible. No matter where or how you bend it, it will surely do the job. When someone's mood is boring, it will succumb a trouble mind. It is our daily bread when we look deep into our life. I am Oluwole Olawale Michael. I so much loved all of www.poemhunter.com members because they encouraged every poets whenever they post their poetry.
I wish this my little series of poetry would expose many of us into the legendary of POETRY artistry. Many nations don't know how to motivate their young citizen but rather do the contrary which would not foster the Art of Poetry. Please try to encourage anybody that is writing poems no matter what it takes. We all need to improve the world of poetry and also try as much as possible to invite them to any contest on poetry. My best regard to everyone that read my poetry. This is my contact details though it is confidential but i would rather let you have it: N06, Alhaji Adaranijo Close, Dopemu, Agege Lagos (23401)
Mobile Contact: +2348056560997, +2348063365857 and my e-mail ID walex4everpassion@yahoo.com
Skype: walex4ever
MSN: livingpassion@hotmail.com
Google Talk: mwalex1@gmail.com

Wish you the best

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This is how to start building the house that is structured like paradise...Building any bricks start from foundation. This is my foundation.....So lovely to have.....Share this with me....

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Missing You

My love is as rare as reality
Many ears snoop to the fact
It is a lyric of many hearts

Now listen to the cry of beats
That much affection amputated
It is a bookish cord
And if doubts, it is bibliophile

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