Oluwole Olawale Michael

Rookie - 77 Points (Ibadan, Oyo State)

Oluwole Olawale Michael Poems

1. My Dream 9/5/2007
2. Marriage Dreamer 9/6/2007
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18. Your Resonsible Attitude 2/3/2009
19. Winky Ride 2/3/2009
20. Your Killing Material 2/14/2009
21. Wind Of Love 9/6/2007
22. Meaningless Of Attitude 9/7/2007
23. What A Life 9/7/2007
24. How I Wish (My Siesta) 10/20/2011
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31. Just A Smile 9/5/2007
32. Cry No More 10/28/2011
33. Missing You 9/5/2007
34. Merry Xmas And Happy New Year... 10/17/2007
35. The Beauty Of African Woman 10/23/2007
36. I Love You 9/14/2007
Best Poem of Oluwole Olawale Michael

I Love You

No matter how miles we share apart
No matter how cunning the world
Might spanned around
No matter how late it could be
Away from me
There's only one thing we
Both share in common and see
And this is 'moon'
It pictured among the nature
It brightening the earth
And it's everywhere in universe
What a love it's to sojourn to the eclipse
To paints my love there for you
In blue and peace and love
Towards the north, south, west and east
Part of the world for you to see and feel
And this whenever you see it
Sure! It will remind you my love for you.

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Just A Smile

In the hour of my painful pleasure
When frustration juxtaposed my hands
Even when I trudge through the street
Through the rabbles and itching of the night
When the house plates cry and weep
For the moment of pressurizing
Yet, mine heart ponder in thought when I lie within my bed
Within my couch of discomforted
Buried in mood and scotched in head

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