Om Chawla

Bronze Star - 2,297 Points (India)

Om Chawla Poems

41. That Joyous Night 12/22/2013
42. Almighty - An Irrational Rationality 9/25/2013
43. Ode To An Indian Classical Dancer 11/25/2012
44. Soul's Worldly Sojourn 12/22/2012
45. Life- A Journey In Pain 4/13/2013
46. O Lord 9/5/2012
47. Death 9/5/2012
48. Ruthiya Yaar Main Kyuon Manavan 12/28/2014
49. The Haunted Place. 3/24/2016
50. Angela 4/16/2016
51. Before That Final Leap. 4/13/2013
52. That Traumatic Year [1947]- Recollection And Reflection 10/22/2013
53. Thougts On The New Year's Eve 12/28/2013
54. Horizon 4/5/2014
55. Maya 7/25/2015
56. Cry Of A Soul......[2] 8/20/2015
57. Pavement Dwellers 9/2/2015
58. We Welcomed The New Year 1/19/2016
59. A Wondrous Moment 8/30/2014
60. An Aimless Race 12/2/2014
61. Dawn Of Hope, Of Trust And Faith 12/31/2014
62. Love- - Nature's Ordain {a Ballet Dance) 9/13/2014
63. Dawn - An Enlivening Resurgence 4/21/2014
64. A Dream. 4/19/2014
65. Non-Violence, Gandhi And His Flipside. 4/5/2014
66. I Am Reminded Of The Words Of The Bard 1/22/2014
67. Musings 6/19/2013
68. Ultimate Truth 10/28/2012
69. Grieve Not, O Heart. 9/17/2013
70. Creation 11/21/2012
71. Rebirth 10/15/2012
72. I Want To Know 3/29/2014
73. Contours Of Silence 12/26/2013
74. To A Disheartened Youth 12/5/2014
75. My Mind- A Vortex. 2/1/2014
76. An Unwritten Song 5/6/2014
77. Let Me Be Me [a Search For Solitude] 7/2/2013
78. Speak O Withered Leaves, Speak. 12/3/2012
79. Echo Of Adolescent Desires 4/5/2014
80. Shunyata- -Completeness In Nothingness 8/16/2013

Comments about Om Chawla

  • Richard Beevor (5/6/2014 12:43:00 PM)

    that joyous night, also a joyous night for me to discover your poems, thank you

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  • Patricia Grantham Patricia Grantham (12/3/2013 8:05:00 AM)

    I admire this fellow poet for his versatile writing abilities His poems
    centers around his love for humanity and his desire to live in a world free
    from hate, violence and civil unrest. The words written touches and stirs
    the emotions. May his poems blossom in the world of poetry.

Best Poem of Om Chawla

Birds Nest

Have you not seen the bird
flying far, again and again
collecting straws to weave a nest-
a home- for its young ones to be.
As eggs are hatched
out come the young
chirping or crying, to be fed,
the bird flies again, and again
collecting grains
to feed the young
who cannot fly
It chews the grain but does not swallow
beak to beak it feeds young fellow
caressingly and lovingly
so all are fed properly.
Young get wings, by and by:
and coaxed by the mother bird;
attempt to fly.
Then suddenly one day
the young one flies far away
It knows ...

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O Lord

Behold O Lord, behold this scene,
A woman selling her body away,
Dancing to the rhythm of coins
She must warm thy domestic curs:
She has a belly she must fill,
Thou deny her bread;
She was born and so must live,
Thou deny her death.
Immoral! Yes she is

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