Om Chawla

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  • Richard Beevor (5/6/2014 12:43:00 PM)

    that joyous night, also a joyous night for me to discover your poems, thank you

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  • Patricia Grantham Patricia Grantham (12/3/2013 8:05:00 AM)

    I admire this fellow poet for his versatile writing abilities His poems
    centers around his love for humanity and his desire to live in a world free
    from hate, violence and civil unrest. The words written touches and stirs
    the emotions. May his poems blossom in the world of poetry.

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Best Poem of Om Chawla

Birds Nest

Often have we seen a bird
flying far, again and again
collecting straws to weave a nest-
A shelter to lay eggs
a home- for its young ones to be.
As eggs are hatched
out come the young
chirping or crying, to be fed,
the bird flies again, and again
collecting grains
to feed the young
who cannot fly
It chews the grain but does not swallow
beak to beak it feeds young fellow
caressingly and lovingly
so all are fed properly.
Young get wings, by and by:
and coaxed by the mother bird;
attempt to fly.
Then suddenly one day
the young one ...

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Invocation To Death

Come O thou reliever from painful pains
And strike pestilent all vibrating things
Let not a life live;
No joy, no mirth, no laughter
No cheerful face there be seen.
O darkness descend and take the world in thy lap
O winds stop in thy lively course
O silence fall and let not any voice be heard
O save me from this bemoaning world.

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