Omar Bradley Quotes

  • ''I am convinced that the best service a retired general can perform is to turn in his tongue along with his suit, and to mothball his opinions.''
    Omar Bradley (1893-1981), U.S. general. Address, Armed Forces Day. Quoted in New York Times (May 17, 1959).
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  • ''The wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy.''
    Omar Bradley (1893-1981), U.S. general. Speech, May 15, 1951, to Senate Committees on Armed Services and Foreign Relations. The Military Situation in the Far East, Senate Hearings (1951). As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Bradley was giving testimony before a Senate inquiry into General MacArthur's proposal to carry the Korean conflict into China; Bradley opposed the scheme, arguing that "Red China is not the powerful nation seeking to dominate the world."
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