Bronze Star - 2,525 Points (30th, november 1991 / JOS NIGERIA)


  • ''1) History cannot be told in the absent of today
    2) when books are open we discover that we have the minds of our writers and great thinkers of yesterday.....
    3) It takes much to constitute a man, yet it takes but a seconds to end the works of all eternity abound......
    4) Last days are time when the gods becomes weak and dying, therefore I say to you oh mortals that yee are gods of these last days.
    5) Living forever is a title, reserved for great men
    6) When you rise you discover that you are tall, when you sit, you becomes cripple and dependent for sight.
    7) I hate death because it curtail life, but I love it because it transform men into realm of greatness...
    8) Mortality is a prison of limitation....
    9) Legends are made not born
    10) Time itself is but an instrument of death and deceit''
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  • ''The Storms of life are like variance; the hurdle of this world are skewed sometimes it seem to take a kurtosis look, but remember that these attributions are main to slide you into your tomorrow.''
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  • ''Give me time and tide and I will make an SPSS model of this world. for life is a categorical tale told by some Statisticians (Fate, Destiny, time) full of uncertainties but signifies nothing....''
    wise saying
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  • ''Live life to fullest is an idea of those that think time is a friend in a world when all that man was deprived of is time to live it to fullest''
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  • ''Then they sit with their shadows facing sideways the way their ancestors once sat, so is life in the sand of time.''
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  • ''When we gaze through the stars, we gaze through the circles of life''
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Paradise Never Lost

I once heard that sound which gladden the chambers of my heart
I remember the images I saw through the windows of my gray soul
They were the imprint of my soulmate, that queen I sang for many ages
That Ochanya, the Ihutokum whom I can dance ogriyan and Omagbae
Triumph with drums and trumpets to praise her beauty all night long
She is pure from hate, full of unimaginable love, beauty and grace
She is one in a billion, a teardrop in an ocean, a gazelle in the wild
Her beauty outlive the lilies in Kanji Dam, like the mountain flowers
Full of light, hope and kindness, ...

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My Impetuous Lover

Far back behind the wheels of time, soul to soul we hold each other high.together we thight the platform of love pay back time will never count on us! never blame princess when she lost her crown, time speed so fast, now against my joy.I wakeup this morning with her but late in the evening she slips away, how can I make thee my soccerer? when time

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