Opwonya Joel Onen is a Ugandan poet from Northern part, Acoli land. He is the C.E.O of an international poetry group, POETRY AT HAND INITIATIVE and a student.

Opwonya Joel Onen was born on 27th November,2001 to Onen Emmanuel and Oyella Christine. His early poetry began in 2020 and gained international fame, with his poem 'WHEN I PEN' and he later friends from all over the world started close follow up for this young poet. He however started writing together with one of his friend who passed on on 24th December,2020, Picho Abdallah Khim. He is now a founder of Poetry At Hand Initiative Uganda, one of a highly dreaming poetry group for young poets across the country and Africa.

Opwonya also wishes to be an outstanding poet, writer and author of his time. He started writing also some spoken words that is making him a great mind poet in his community. He wrote a spoken word lyrics, an elegy about the death of The Lion Of Mogadishu, Maj. General Paul Lokec which due to some studio false made the audio to crash on the recording studio database.
The notable poet is still a young writer from Kitgum Municipality, Uganda.

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