Oratile Diratsagae Biography

I am a very drilled, competent and proficient author who studies scientific theories in high school and I am examining virtually forward to the greatest universities in the year 2020.I was born in July 11- 1997 in the Republic of South Africa.

I grew up in a main region called Rusternburg at Boitekong township and later in 2009 my mother named Lydia Mantshadi Diratsagae reallocated us from Rusternburg to Mahikeng in Khunwana.

The temporal length in extent of my life was so congenial and gratifying until she deceased in 2013 December. I commenced or evoked being unaccompanied and in many instances I, d say solitary. That time of my mother's death devastated me academically to a locus or state that I dropped out of school. I've always had the capacity of a paroxysm and dedication incoporated in my faith for school so I never gave up. Well i really went back to school because i am nothing without it.

I have other talents which can also avail me in the future. My humongous and husky highlights moments was when I win SABC 1 TV channel competition of poetry and In the RSA's biggest radio station named MOTSWEDING FM thus poetry movements. I love literature a lot and it is in my blood. I always compose my own poems that are filled with sterling and prime maturity of antique and prehistoric poetry genre and custom. I am also a novelist, dramatist and motivational speaker. After I further my studies I'm anticipating to go and hit the big leagues like being a biological proffesor and a mathematics teacher! Thanks for taking your time

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