Oratile Diratsagae

Silver Star - 3,468 Points [Earth Davidson]

Oratile Diratsagae Poems

1. The Season In The Lovers' Bedroom 3/5/2017
2. Beauty Woman With Flower Breaths 3/10/2017
3. It's A Heaven Chance 3/10/2017
4. A Pretty Eye Sees The Prettiest 3/11/2017
5. The Fineness Of Luck Have No Scheduled Events 3/11/2017
6. Fear Not A Try 3/12/2017
7. Be Alone As You Walk Away From Me My Old Friend 3/12/2017
8. A Road Needs A Walk And A Destination Needs You 3/5/2017
9. Mandela' Country 3/29/2017
10. Our Camera Eyes Locks Memories 4/3/2017
11. Flying Money And A Walking Brain 4/3/2017
12. Eyes Can See Milles Away As Wit 4/4/2017
13. Weather Of The Insects In The Vegetable Kingdom 4/6/2017
14. Birds Are Like Pilots Of Nature 4/6/2017
15. Her Skin Is The Most Beautiful Dress 4/6/2017
16. Empyrean 4/6/2017
17. All Riches Are Popular 4/6/2017
18. Ancient Cloth 4/6/2017
19. Pretty Bush Do Hold A Pretty Bird 4/6/2017
20. What Are Sins 4/6/2017
21. That Day 4/11/2017
22. Forget Pleasure Before It Forgets You Someday 4/16/2017
23. A Drunkard's Tune 4/16/2017
24. Pride 6/3/2017
25. Things Are Only Real At Sight 4/15/2017
26. The Song Of The Sun 4/17/2017
27. The Philosophy Of Love 4/14/2017
28. I Bet A Woman Is A Bird 4/3/2017
29. The Seat Of My President 3/5/2017
30. The Cover Of A Book Hid The Intrusive Beauty With Its Look 3/27/2017
31. The Star Lifted By Angels 3/29/2017
32. That Man Is Me 2/26/2017
33. Rosette Blush 3/4/2017
34. A Housemaid 3/5/2017
35. The Old Have Have A Cradle On The Road 3/5/2017
36. Confessed Love 3/5/2017
37. A Tear Drop Reached Inside Of Me 3/3/2017
38. A Heaven Of A Woman 3/5/2017
39. Secrets Bites Like A Snake In The Green 4/2/2017
40. Your Death 4/5/2017
Best Poem of Oratile Diratsagae

A Town Of Pride

Your pride is dry in age
crossed along the gaze of wheel
Grudging over winds that binds
The sugar rain along my wings
And unto the shame of wonder it brings

The fuss unto the streets
A town is gossip of sword
That slain and drain his red whine
From dust unto its thirst

Thy Sun is not mine
For your rule is moist
And fire in town's thine
Burns thee unto the sky of cost
and after pride its a price

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That Man Is Me

I have carried the silva tears up, out of the narrow tunnels
sank them up with tiny rock-like words
dewy over the funnels
The uncivil,  snowy breath of my words thrust on
and still I fallowed the silva tears
on the regretting cheeks of the young man dropping and dartle
Oh, slow on the cheek, i stood a moment to smit and stirring to get out of the barrow
In mental weights by your tomb we sit betwixt the throw that strokes all and toss a say
The cross of mental weights of an old sod

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