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A Gift From Chief Red Eagle Channeled by Psychic Riz Mirza
For the wedding ceremony of Twin Flames Riz and Oriah Mirza

'Red Eagle Speaks: A Book of Wisdom' by Riz Mirza as Told to Oriah Miller is the 'Seth Speaks' for our contemporary times and beyond. It offers powerful insights and flexible, clear, and practical life teachings. Psychic medium Riz Mirza has the rare gift of being able to receive communication from a being named “Chief Red Eagle” who lived on Earth more than a century ago. Red Eagle, a noted Native American Creek warrior was born “William Weatherford.” He became known to later generations as “Red Eagle.” His war name was Hopnicafutsahia or “Truth Teller.” The book was dictated word for word by Red Eagle through Riz Mirza and told to Oriah Miller over a series of thirteen nights. Oriah documented this collection of spiritual guidance and compiled it into this book.

Red Eagle’s message is a powerful one of self transformation and evolution. His teachings give insight into the ego, shifting perspective, and overcoming fear, while awakening the love within all of humanity. Red Eagle’s language is simple, provocative, and easy to understand by all no matter what “level of spirituality” they are on.

Riz Mirza is a world renowned psychic medium, trance channel and spiritual teacher living in Marina del Rey, CA with partner Transformational Life Coach Oriah Miller. Together they hold special channeling gatherings with Chief Red Eagle as the main message bearer and many other highly evolved light beings in weekly gatherings around the world. Considered one of the best psychics in Los Angeles, he holds profound one on one private readings in person, by phone and Skype. Many consider his readings to be life changing, and his clients hail from around the globe. Featured on radio, magazine and television shows in several languages, Riz brings his clairvoyance, mediumship and channeling to every session.
Oriah Miller is Intuitive Life Coach known for her loving and direct approach. Her ability to re-invent, re-create and re-birth her clients within hours or days is unparalleled. She can help you find your inner angel self in a streamlined and uplifting fashion, and you will see immediate results.

She also is an accomplished producer of two TV and Film Production Companies. She is the Founder of Women Without Borders US and an author. Oriah has overcome domestic violence, and has raised five successful children. A former police officer and current holistic healer and Life Coach, Oriah is celebrating life to the fullest. She has referred to herself as 'Law of Attraction in Action'. She guides her clients in how to manifest their dreams in one-on-one coaching and workshops, Twin Flame Workshops, and Death of the Ego-Spiritual Rebirth coaching. She lives with her partner Riz Mirza in Marina del Rey, CA.

'Oriah is an amazing, intuitive healer and guide which is evident from the first moment you meet her. She has a way of explaining the spiritual 're-birth process' from her own authentic experience and understanding, that makes it so clear; everything she said resonated with my own life and I came away from the conversation with a completely new view of myself and my understanding of the uncomfortable breakdown/breakthrough experience I have been having on my own spiritual journey. I have not yet physically had any children, but after my experience with Oriah, I feel as if I have given birth... to myself. A new me. Thank you so much Oriah! Please let me know where you will be holding your upcoming events! '

Jody Curtis - Seeker, Instructor at Science of MentalPhysics in Joshua Tree, CA

Oriah Mirza's Works:

Red Eagle Speaks

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Misty Nights

The misty nights
Are not afraid of their shadows
And not ashamed of its splendid darkness
The noises of the night are sharing their wisdom
Not in fear of the darkness
Damp, dark cool nights
Tree frogs and crickets
Deer rustling outside my door
Another awakening

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