Orion Mapp

Rookie (06/03/1993 / Athens Georgia)

Biography of Orion Mapp

A simple black boy with a ADHD. That is what one might come to mind when beholding me. Yet I am very smart, witty, and inquiztive. I hold a deep love for nature, and the value above that, God, Jesus, and human life. Sometimes I feel heavilly jaded, yet lost within soceity, which I sometimes question, but still love at the same time. Yes I am young, yet inexperience! But I still post my work, within hopes of helping somebody, with the verses my fingers form.My goal is to be one of the greatest writers ever, by uplifting it with my poetry.

Orion Mapp's Works:

(Participated within) the publishing of Clarke Central Iliad within the years 010-011.

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The Good Fall

They spurred their plated colts,
And pounded upon the crossed shields,
As they flanked that hushed homestead,
Before they sought out rebels,
That deneied the Healer erected,
As a mere form but a gleam,
Against the hallowed pages text,
By a head deacon's fall,
That the Nothern crown destested.

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