Orion Umberger

Rookie (05 18 1900 / The void)

Biography of Orion Umberger

What can i say, I've been through alot in my life,
but i would like to think that i am a poet born not made.

But without the experiences?

I cannot say..

I am born too the Umberger family.
We bye nature are old.
I can retrace our family back to Egypt.
There are myths about Atlantis, to this I don't know..
It would be very interesting if it were true.. :)

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Wind blows, thunder roles..
Rains of time I see.
I wish I could share what I see..
See this that I want to share..

Feel the static on your skin.
Feel the wonders of the wind...
Breath the colours of taste..
Taste the colours of smell..


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